About The Intentional Beings

About The Intentional Beings

about the intentional beings

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The Seven Simple Steps is the fundamental Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization. They can guide anyone with no exception, not everyone is attracted to cultivating and reclaiming its guidance.  Those interested usually have some basic characteristics.  I call that “tribe” of people, The Intentional Beings.  The Intentional Beings are ready and willing to recognize, practice and implement the wisdom of their Innate Guide.

The basic definition of the Intentional Beings is those people who seek the truth of the higher will, rather than the illusions of the ego, whenever they can.

As Intentional Beings, we may identify with some of the following:

  • Our voices are getting louder as we have survived the passage of time and distance. No matter where we were born or when we were born, we add our voices and continue to discern Truth from illusion. Consciously or unconsciously, we also know that the Truth we seek is within ourselves.

  • We trace the light of Truth by looking deeper, even if that Truth has frightened us at first. We may have asked as we stood alone, “Are we the only ones seeing the world’s inconsistencies and disconnects?” We see things that others apparently don’t see. Some of us are confused about the social, economic and political systems seemingly dominating our planet. But in time, we know more of who we are, and Truth becomes clearer and more visible. New systems are forming, new desires are birthing, new heights are swarming out from unmanifested potential into a new Earth. But first, the old systems that are not working any longer must collapse, within and without.
  • We do not intend to control the world in order to get our needs met. We strive to improve the Self. Our own Being is the point of focus. We, Intentional Beings, know that real freedom comes from letting go of control. And the real meanings of security, abundance, love, success, vision, and purpose, spark from our own Being, not outside of it. We also know that the manifestation of our Higher Intentions occurs through inner
    alignment. We know that we don't co-create by pushing, pulling or forcing. We simply allow these manifestations, while we let go of illusion.
  • We may choose the long road to success, rather than a seeming shortcut that conflicts with our integrity. Whenever we cut
    corners, we must go back, clear the mess, revise our choices and reclaim our authentic selves again. The fabric of our creation must be built on Truth itself. It does not work any other way because we cannot deny the Truth we know.
  • Even if we feel insecure at times, we don't do what others do to get what we want. We know we have enormous unmanifested potential. We know we don’t have to sacrifice integrity to manifest that potential. We may have forgotten
    how to unleash that potential.
  • At times, we have become overwhelmed with sadness and resentment. Sometimes we may have become paralyzed looking at the "world-gone-wrong."
  • We may intend and seek personal wealth and intimacy, but our intentions are never separate from the whole of life. Our intentions integrate rather than segregate. We intend for harmony, health, wealth and happiness for all.
  • We may have had to go through the "dark night of the soul." We walked alone during heavy rain and cold storms that shattered every belief, every shelter and every cover that we had relied on. Remember Intentional One, that inevitably, the sunny day must come. You have gained so much power from these experiences and you will keep that power forever. We have come to realize that only the Innate Guide is capable of guiding you through illusion.

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About the Seven Simple Steps

Our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization

Book Excerpt

Light descends from the sun into the earth.  As the light enters the atmosphere, it separates into seven rays of color, we call the rainbow.  From oneness into many, from the fine nature of space to the dense nature the earth’s atmosphere.  There is wisdom in the separation of color.  Through this separation, we can see a large variety of colors and enjoy the contrast.  The Seven Simple Steps are like those rainbow colors.  Energetically, they are one conscious flow, but they have been stepped down from their pure nature into the physical nature so that they are easier to understand, relate and implement.

Just like there are no separations between the colors of the rainbow and the descending white light, there are no separations between The Seven Simple Steps.  People have used this innate tool naturally and instinctively since their first breath of air.

Within our Being, is the key that unfolds true meanings of abundance, love, freedom and the qualities I call the greatest qualities of life.  Some of those qualities we have words for and some we don’t.  No one can possibly know the full range of those qualities without the realization of Being.  Our being is the only platform where these qualities can be flourished.

The Seven Simple Steps do not differentiate between races, genders or ideologies.  Whenever and wherever you come from, they are your loyal guide because they come from within you.  Soon as I start explaining The Seven Simple Steps, you will recognize them.  We’ve seen them before scattered among many definitions and in different contexts.  They have appeared as laws, principles, stages, steps, methods of success and tools for many purposes but most of these sources haven’t explicitly put them in order and in contrast to each other.  Personally, I never knew why, maybe, it is time!

Practicing each principle or step by itself is beneficial, but the alchemy of The Seven Simple Steps magically unfolds when you identify them together, and in order, so that they become one conscious flow.  Through this oneness, everything becomes clear, just like true color can only be seen under white light.  When you combine all of the steps, a bigger picture unfolds.  The path is found for those seeking.  When the greater map becomes clear, everything then seems simple.  You’ll only have to do one thing, and one thing only, to take the next step forward.

By connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture, I came to believe that the path to Self-Realization is no different from the path to fulfilling true desires.  Just as enlightenment does not require isolation, the act of manifesting true desires is not immoral nor of a lesser importance.  However, an understanding of The Seven Simple Steps is needed.  I believe it is time to clear out the way for an explicit understanding.