One-On-One Coaching Program with Omar

I am Omar M. Makram, author of the bestselling book: Transcending the Maya Matrix. One of the most powerful tools I’ve used in my life is coaching. I have and will always learn from coaching and being coached. This is a sacred relationship that I call Intentionship. I call it intentionship because it is a relationship that calls for higher intentions (as explained in the book). Having a regular one-on-one intentionship meetings can provide a constant progression toward life’s purpose. What we see is only what we see through the lens of the Maya Matrix. There are unlimited possibilities available at every moment in life, but through our narrow view we can see only a few. Why? Because we are hooked into the Maya Matrix, we are influenced by it, our realities are filtered through it. We see it, hear it, taste it and experience it everywhere we go. Coaching is one of those sacred tools that provides an open window for our Soul to shine through, because only our Soul can guide us to see what is true in the midst of these illusions of the Maya Matrix.

Working with a coach can open that consistent sacred space. It opens the door for your potential and keeps the door open for more than you had even dreamed of. It can attract and enhance your abundance and relationships. It helps you find your purpose, live your purpose, have a clear vision of what you want and how to get it.

Coaching has been like magic for me.  I’ve experienced many shifts in life, wellbeing, spiritual growth, health, abundance, creativity and business from coaching. I’ve coached people with different backgrounds, intentions, issues and habits. I have extensive experience working with business owners as I own a CPA firm in Arizona, which gives me a unique perspective. I’ve personally overseen businesses in all stages, e.g. startup, growing, breakthroughs, marketing, etc.

I have more than 20 years of experience working with people one-on-one with their addictive behaviors, emotional and mental blockages, and habitual thought patterns that are preventing their full potential. Over the years, I have utilized various methods for spiritual growth and techniques for self and business improvements. I’ve witnessed their effect on myself and others.

I’ve worked with mentors, teachers and coaches. Coaching works when it is done intentionally. If there is something that you wanted in your life and have been wanting for a long time, I suggest utilizing coaching.

I speak briefly about working with others in my book, but there is so much to talk about here. This one-on-one coaching program is the highest service I offer. We work together for one hour each week by phone (or Skype as appropriate). In between phone sessions, you will have personalized assignments and exercises to help you get the most out of your program.

Here are some of the things I offer in my coaching program:

  • A sacred space for the coachee (you) to feel safe while expressing and discovering the expansiveness and power of your being. You get to be you, learn from you, and to get to know you. What is more powerful than this?
  • A consistent safe place for growth, finding and living your life’s purpose. We allow the Soul to guide you. It shows you the map.
  • A sacred space to understand and work with your limitations, and learn from them, then transcend them from your consciousness.
  • A scared space to allow your Soul to shine its light through the matrix and onto everything you do. The coachee is encouraged through regular practice and accountability to understand and engage with their Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization. Using this innate system should become like a second nature to you.
  • Checkpoints and following up on your progress with me help you to maintain your path towards your own goals.
  • Healing meditations that are uniquely tailored for you. I utilize many processes for emotional healing, enhancing your state of being, empowering yourself, and for releasing impediments.
  • Journaling together. Utilizing online platform to journal together safely and privately. 

To be considered for this program, you must…

…have the intention and willingness to do what it takes to fulfill your life’s purpose, whatever they may be. As I mentioned, this is a premium program for a limited number of people. You must be very serious: be on time for our weekly phone sessions, complete the highly recommended activities between sessions, have the willingness to listen with an open mind, even if you think you know the answers, and be willing to maintain this relationship for at least 6 months.

…be a match. We will discuss this in our introductory phone session. You can book a one-hour introductory session right now by clicking here, then I’ll send you an email with more appointment availabilities. The price for an introductory session is $100. You can utilize it to work on a personal issue, intention, emotional blockage, or whatever you need at that time.

Of course, there is only a limited number of spaces available for this program. If I can’t offer you a placement, I will add you to a waiting list or I will introduce you to another coach that utilizes the Seven Simple Steps: it would be your choice.