Who is genuine and who wants to steal my soul?

In today’s Internet world we are bombarded by a multitude of sales pitches. In our private lives when looking for personal relationships, we search for the perfect partner who will be real. It is challenging to know in either case, who is genuine and who is simply in your world to use you for their own purposes. In this podcast, Omar reveals sales and relationship techniques that are used to manipulate our emotions. He exposes those who are more than willing to take you for a ride in order to benefit themselves. Finally, he gives us hope knowing that everything happens to us for a reason. He graciously shares his insights and answers on this topic allowing us to finally recognize who is genuine and who is not. 

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In any new endeavor, whether it be a business partnership or a personal relationship, we seek those whom we can trust. Being able to look beyond appearances is almost impossible when our emotions are at play. This is becoming more and more challenging with the onslaught of the Internet taking over our lives, both in our business and personal relationships. Who exactly can you believe and trust? What are the signs that we should be focusing on? 

In this podcast, Omar reveals a variety of techniques that are used in order to throw us off balance. The question that he is asking is, “How can I get people to trust me, to buy from me, to like me?” as he is coming from a place of Integrity and yet surrounded by those who use sales techniques that are based on illusion. Do you recognize, for example, that your emotions are being played as sales representatives are creating false narratives, mimicking your speech and movement, donating to charities in order to persuade you to identify with them? Are you aware of the red flags? Or do your emotions cloud your judgment aligning you with someone who is not being ethical and authentic?

Fortunately, Intentional Beings recognize that what they attract into their experience mirrors the energy that they vibrate. Those people that you attract into your life will wake you up. When we stop blaming the world around us and decide to live our own journey, our own lives, not mimicking the lives of others and casting blame on them for our own mistakes, we start to live a life that is based on Truth. Omar gives us the reassurance that when we “listen to the whispers of our Soul” and stop following the voices and the noise of the ego, we will be able to see that all of Life serves us, bringing us those that we need for our personal growth and leading us through the resistances of our journey to the realization of our dreams. 

Who can we trust to separate the whispers from the noise? We can Trust our Innate Guide. It is our loyal guide leading us on our journey to self-realization.