Companion Book Materials

Companion Book Materials

Transcending The Maya Matrix Book

This page provides everything related to the book Transcending the Maya Matrix. If you have not registered for the free companion workbooks, please click here to do so.

You can download the images mentioned in the book here:

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Also, you can find the various discussions about the many topics I mentioned in the book. As you know, I deliberately didn't go into details about these topics so that I keep the main focus of the book on the Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization. 

Audio Discussions - Click to Listen


Podcast 076: My First Spiritual Encounter

Release date: 5/04/2018

  • Omar talks about his first spiritual experience that changed his life.



Podcast 062: My Spiritual Opening & Kundalini (Moga)

Release date: 1/23/2018

  • In this episode, I talk about my experience that I call "Moga". It happened in 2002 after intense 30 days of meditations. 



Podcast 063: Co-Creation, Self-Realization & Kundalini

Release date: 1/26/2018

  • Continue talking about the Kundalini experience.




Release date: 5/7/2018

  • Influenced by Abraham Hicks, in 2002 Omar had his second spiritual experience. This episode is a recording from 2004 Abrham Hicks workshop where Omar discusses with Abraham his symptoms of awakening.



Podcast 065: Introduction to Breathing Through Emotions

Release date: 2/9/2018

  • Introduction to the next two episodes about releasing and allowing through the breath



Podcast 078 Instructions to Making A Big Decision

Release date: 5/5/2018

  • I use this process whenever I want to make a big decision.



Podcast 080 Transforming Through Journaling

Release date: 5/5/2018

  • Journaling through the Seven Simple Steps to process any issue that comes up



Podcast 090: The Maya Matrix - The Illusion of Reality As We Know It

Release date: 6/23/2018

  • This is an exerpt from the book: Transcending the Maya Matrix - Our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization.



Podcast 104 Dream Journal

Release date: 10/8/2018

  • Utilize this process whenever you have a dream. You can use this process at the Co-Creations Manager. The Co-Creations Manager is a free journaling, community and e-learning tool.



Ways to Meditate:

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What are the Seven Simple Steps?:

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