Book Introduction - Transcending the Maya Matrix


A person experiences life as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness. ~ Albert Einstein

Droplet lays swinging on a green leaf admiring the moon.  Transparently, it infuses itself with the moon’s silver light… and gracefully falls and sinks into the soil.  Droplet and the moon have known each other for a long time.  Together, they have nurtured lives, merged with animals, plants, and bonded with matter.  The Moon has helped the tides of the ocean; calling for Droplet to rise to the surface and to float into the air.  Many times, they smiled to each other as she was falling from the heavens, raining down to earth.  Eternally, they have greeted each other with every life cycle and breathed into every story that has ever been told.

Their tale began long ago, probably dating back to the beginning of the Universe… if there was a beginning, of course.  For billions of years, they roamed as stardust from an expiration of one object, to the birth of another.  Today, and in this very moment, their stories are still being told, in the hands typing these words and in the eyes reading them.

Have you wondered why the universe happens to be just right to accommodate life?  Why the Earth is tilted at the perfect angle to mix up the atmosphere for that life?  Why Jupiter happens to be there protecting Earth from the floating objects in space?  Why our solar system seems to be one-of-a-kind?  Why the laws of physics are what they are?  Why the Earth’s ecosystems balance each other in such wondrous harmony to invite and nurture life?  As internationally acclaimed physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist, Paul Davies, puts it: “Our universe is bio-friendly by accident -- we just happened to win the cosmic jackpot1.”

The probability that these seemingly independent factors would randomly reach perfect synchronicity to create and sustain life is infinitesimal.  This probability is compared to “The Infinite Monkey Theorem”.2 This theorem states that a monkey, with random strokes on a typewriter, will eventually write the full work of Shakespeare. However, this mathematical probability would take longer than the expected age of the universe.  Also, it does not factor in reason, intent, inspired consciousness, nor appreciation of art.

This book is based on the perception that there is a force that guides the Universe to be the way it is.  And because this force is in everything, it is inside us, and we can tap into its knowledge and be guided by its wisdom.  You can call this force anything you want: The universal map, the Soul, “cracking the matrix”, or an immortal monkey typing for all eternity.  I call it our Innate Guide.


The Missing Ingredient

This book will never tell you what to believe, nor what is right or wrong.  Rather, it will shed light on a “tool” that is indivisible from you and therefore, it is the most loyal guide to your chosen path; your personal GPS.  That is the premise of this book: to trust the “I” and uncover the Innate Guide within.  Just like gamers presume that they are playing a fair game when they search for clues to achieve the highest possible prizes, the “I” is the only thing that everyone has equally.  If there is a map somewhere, it is within this “I”.

This tool is innate, a part of you since birth, and if you are breathing, you have it!  We’ve used it even unconsciously since the beginning of time.  It has guided artists to create timeless art, scientists to invent the impossible, psychologists to untangle the complexities of the human mind, and visionaries to inspire.  It has led lovers to unite with their beloveds and can lead you to your joy.  The potential is unlimited and is left for you to decide.  But the greatest prize of all is the realization of Being: the discovery of the precious self that is you.

I believe that living inside this matrix we call life, has distracted us and made us forget that we had this Innate Guide all along.  That is why I encourage your presence as you read this book.  I recommend that you disconnect from all distractions and listen from within, because I will not provide you with scientific proof, simply because the tools have not been developed yet.  Rather, I will rely on your innate knowing for validation; it will simply ring true.  This book intends to remind you of this aspect of yourself, so that you can consciously use it.

Follow the light in your heart.  If this light becomes more visible while reading this book, then you may have discovered the one thing, I believe, we must cultivate even before learning to read.  This is the linchpin that guides us toward true love, abundance, purpose, and the best this life can bring.  It is The Innate Guide that leads to Co-Creation and ultimately, Self-Realization.

Imagine that you are living in a world with unlimited resources…  that your deepest desires are inseparable from life itself...  that life desires to synchronize people, events, and objects to accommodate those desires… that your highest intentions are as important to life as they are important to you.  Imagine that you have a perfect guide, Innate Guide, that whispers within you and is waiting patiently to show you the way to it all.  That makes this discussion the core foundation of a profound new world of possibilities.

I wrote the first draft of this book over eleven years ago.  I honestly believe that I started the book at the age of five when my sister, who was taking her first philosophy class, was showing off with big questions like: “How do we know that we exist?” and “What is real and what is illusion?”  The five-year-old boy realized that he was not the only one asking these questions as he silently pondered: “Oh my God!  The problem is real!  Shouldn’t grownups have solved it by now?”  The unrest and awe I felt has never left and has become a driving force that made me ask questions and never stop asking.  It was an earnest yearning for knowledge and it has never subsided.  This incredible passion has opened many doors and in the bid to find answers, has taken me into unique journeys.


As a child, I experienced the unrest, terror and sleeplessness resulting from a political conflict between two nations.  I became silent, invisible and a victim of bullying. Then in my early adulthood, I became the absolute opposite: I manifested success as a popular rock musician.  I have also traveled and immigrated, blending with various cultures along the way.

Since an early age, I have sought out yoga and meditation, looking for truth and inner-knowing.  I manifested a busy life as a business owner, husband, and father of two sons.  I’ve learned directly from many well-known spiritual, self-discipline, and law-of-attraction teachers.  Throughout my adult life, I have learned from coaching and from being coached.  I’ve confronted the illusion of addiction, and reclaimed my truth.  I’ve lost everything, only to find my inner source of raw power.  I have lived the principles I am sharing with you in this book, personally and professionally, in my life, and in all that I have observed.  From the time of that first draft, I needed to ensure that the content in this book was authentic.  The principles within this book have been tested and consistently proven to be the only truth that I could bet my life on.


As Gautama Buddha said: “Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.”  My intention is to encourage you to trust you.  I believe that developing this trust with yourself is the most important relationship you can have.  Thus, this book is designed to clear the way between you and your Innate Guide.  There are seven principles that unveil your Innate Guide.  I call these principles: “The Seven Simple Steps."  The purpose of The Seven Simple Steps is to guide us, one step at a time, toward our higher intentions.  Because all we need is one step in any given moment.


This book intends to introduce you, in a unique way, to your own Innate Guide, universal laws, one conscious flow, and portals of Truth which I call The Seven Simple Steps.  Finally, I encourage you to explore these concepts without dogma, philosophy or influences, and to hold on to one foundational principle for this exploration:  Trust the Being that is you.


May the light of the “I” shine through you and make itself known.