Balancing Busy Life With A Spiritual Life

How does one incorporate a spiritual life into normal daily living with all of its distractions? Balancing spiritual practices, jobs, parenting, family relationships, leisure time and plans for the future can be more than challenging. Omar responds to an honest and heartfelt email from a reader which outlines the frustrations of what appears to be an impossible balancing act; one that most of us try to accomplish in our busy, chaotic lives. He opens a space to share his insights on how to live IN this world . . . while not being OF this world. This touching email and Omar’s gentle and authentic response concern all of us who find ourselves in this position. Through the 7 Simple Steps, learn how to achieve your goals in a world you don’t control. 


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This podcast, Balancing Busy Life With Spiritual Life, was extremely helpful to me. I remember being in that place of the never-ending demands of a career, parenting, family, relationships,  community, recreation, finances, plans for the future, and trying to balance all of that with my spirituality so that I wasn’t just running blindly on a hamster wheel to nowhere. In this Podcast, Omar gives a viable way of observing and dealing with the exhausting and often unfulfilling distractions of life so that one is not constantly being pulled in two opposing directions. 


Being retired, I am no longer in that place. However, having an abundance of time to do as I please, I found myself creating a lengthy spiritual practice of yoga, prayer, chanting and meditation that was taking over my entire day to the point that I started getting sick, which in my normal balanced life does not happen. It is the same issue whether you are busy or not; it is a question of balance. 


This Podcast helped me realize what my innate guide was already trying to tell me. Life is THE practice, busy or not. You can be spiritual all day or you can lose yourself in the busyness of the world, the Maya, but the true expression of living will be found in a balance of the two intertwined. 


It is the ego that says “Spirituality and I are looking in opposite directions.” Separation, drama, and confusion ARE its end game. Spirituality, on the other hand, says, “Let me help you navigate this seemingly opposing energy.”  Spirituality creates the calm detached viewing and acceptance of allowing all things to be as exactly they are. 


Spiritual practice is the anchor to the Heart and thereby the Soul which will guide you through the chaotic energy of the world. Life itself IS the practice. It can be infused with Spirituality. It is not about one or the other. They do not have to compete or conflict for time or space. They CAN embrace one another, going hand in hand along the same path.