125 Channeling With Sal Risinger

This is the second episode in the Channeling series I just started. The first episode was called Channeling With Omar - Episode #124. In today's episode, I interview Sal Risinger. Sal is the author of the new book called New Awareness From Seth And Others. Sal channels many different entities. She tells her story about how did she started channeling, and how she was able to overcome many allergies. 

In the next few episodes, I will continue interviewing many channels from all around the world. Some of them you may know and some you may hear about them for the first time. The series is recorded in video format but I will also release it as an audio-only as usual on the podcast. Please make sure to subscribe so that I can notify you when the videos are live. 


Omar is the author of the best-seller Transcending the Maya Matrix. 

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Sal Risinger graduated Summa Cum Laude, in 1978, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin College in Indiana. She went on to get a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Indiana University School of Social Work in 1982.

Soon after moving to Northern California in 1984, Sal found Jane Roberts’ book, Seth Speaks. Sal loved it, “highlighting” and writing notes in the margins connecting Seth’s messages to the kind of ideas she’d thought about for years. In 1988, Sal was told by a “psychic-channeler” team that she could channel if she allowed herself. This revelation and Seth’s information moved into the background as Sal became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California and opened her psychotherapy private practice. She enjoyed her work and also yearned for something more.

Sal was present at the instant of her mother’s death. It was so clear to Sal
,in that moment, that spirit and body were separate and that it was spirit that animates the body. After watching her mother’s long illness, something else was clear. Sal wasn’t going to put off what was important to her.

Sal’s spirit was drawn to the Southwest. Instead of waiting for retirement, she moved to her “Southwest Spiritual” home, Tucson, Arizona. Once in Tucson, her work moved beyond traditional psychotherapy toward expanded beliefs about change.
After surgery in 2005, Sal developed more than 36 different food allergies. As part of her healing, she found the book, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, which directed her to PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K changes life-limiting subconscious beliefs using muscle testing and “balance” processes to affect change. Sal completed the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K workshops in 2007 and added PSYCH-K to her practice. She became a Certified PSYCH-K Instructor in 2009, teaching 16 Basic workshops before concluding her time as an Instructor in December, 2012, to focus on channeling and writing.

All of Sal’s food allergies are healed. And, her immersion into PSYCH-K opened her channeling abilities. Her channeling began in March, 2009, with messages from her Aunt Phyllis. Bartholomew began sending messages in April 2010 and “taught” Sal how to channel with ease. Seven months later, Seth began communicating with Sal. The very same Seth she’d been drawn to earlier in life! The messages she received were clear. Sal was being guided to write the New Awareness Series—a collaboration of many consciousnesses, including Seth, Bartholomew and, so far, over 30 Others. Their purpose: to help create personal transformation, a more kind, loving and respectful world, and ultimately, world consciousness change. 

Book 1, New Awareness From Seth and Others, is complete and Sal has begun work on Book 2. She continues her PSYCH-K practice, facilitating individual PSYCH-K private sessions and providing introductory presentations about PSYCH-K and channeling.

This channeled book focuses on creating the life you want and creating a more just, loving and peaceful world. This book includes new channeled messages from Seth, Bartholomew, Abraham, Mu and other physical and non-physical beings who have joined this collaboration to create world consciousness change and the vibrational shift that transforms our Earth. Messages, channeled by the author, are woven through the author's experiences of how she met these consciousnesses and how she changed her life to match their messages. Among the issues explored are:~ living in Love, not Fear~ how your thoughts create your reality~ how profoundly important your choices really are, for you and for our world~ how to treat yourself and others~ how the author examines and changes life-limiting beliefs using PSYCH-K® ~ alternative views of death~ how much help is waiting for you (if you just ask), to navigate the challenges in your life~ how to disengage from problematic energies and situations, and~ the author's quest to win the lottery jackpot! Readers are encouraged to begin or deepen their own journey to a life infused with the magic of Spirit.

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Eve Hady
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This interview is fascinating. Ms. Risinger describes how she came to channelling and describes the complex exchange of learning how to understand and be able to apply the messages. As she tells her story it is clear that she not only has the capacity to engage with clients but also has first hand experiece with healing herself.