123 Short Meditation - Creating New Habits


I highly recommend listening to the instructions before doing this meditation. It is episode #122.

This is the actual short meditation that Omar promised to create as his gift to us all to use for creating new habits in the New Year. It only takes 6 minutes of your time. It can be done in the morning to start your day, at lunchtime as a break, in the evening before retiring for the night, or at any time that you have 6 minutes to get ‘grounded’ if things are spiraling out of control. It is Omar’s suggestion that you listen to Podcast 122 Creating New Habits Short Meditation - Instructions before doing this meditation in order to get the most out of your practice. 


Omar is the author of the best-seller Transcending the Maya Matrix. 

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This is the meditation that Omar created as a gift for all of his listeners to help us create new habits for the New Year. It is only 6 minutes. It is relaxing, peaceful and calm. Omar’s soothing voice gently transports you out of the Matrix taking you within, to a space of ‘no time’ where you can connect fully with your own Innate Being. It only takes a pure moment in time to make that connection, and this little meditation will give you the focus to do it.


The short meditation is a wonderful way to start the morning so that your day starts with an Intention for a new habit already in place.  Throughout the day, it can be used to ‘pause’ the whirlwind of your life, giving you a refreshing break that will elevate your energy and your frame of mind, making you more efficient and effective (also more focused and peaceful) in whatever you are doing. In the evening, it provides a restful space to empty your mind from the busyness and activities of the day. You will go to sleep with a new Intention that your subconscious mind can work on throughout the night as you sleep. 


This is so easy, so short, so relaxing, so effective. It could easily be done 3 times a day. What a calm world it would be if everyone were to do this. As we only have control over our own minds, bodies, and perspectives, it is important that we address our own needs rather than expecting anything or anyone ‘out there’ in the Maya Matrix to give us relief. Take 6 minutes . . . or more per day . . . for your self. Invest in your self. Omar is offering us this wonderful gift. It is up to you to value your self enough to use it. 


As they say, “You can lead a horse to water . . . but you can’t make it drink. 


Drink deeply from this healing and intentional well of wisdom.  It is here for you.