122 Creating New Habits Short Meditation - Instructions


This is an instruction for tomorrow's meditation. Gratitude is one of the most expansive practices, one can do in order to reach fulfillment and self-actualization. Omar starts this podcast in expressing deep gratitude to his readers, his listening audience, and The Intentional Beings for their combined energy and momentum in bringing through the success for his vision of his book, Transcending the Maya Matrix, which has remained the #1 Orange Banner Bestseller for 12 consecutive months. This podcast is a little different from most of his podcasts.  It focuses on giving us instructions on how to best utilize the short 6-minute meditation that he promised to create for us at the end of last year which is now available on cocreationsmanager.com. along with the longer meditation. Emotions and feelings are the focus of this short meditation. Pull away from your traditional mindset of ‘thinking’, and allow Omar to help you realize your dreams by becoming aware of the emotions and feelings that may be holding you back. 


Omar is the author of the best-seller Transcending the Maya Matrix. 

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In this podcast, Omar starts out expressing gratitude for the success he has experienced with his book Transcending the Maya Matrix which is now celebrating it's having kept the Orange Banner Status as the #1 Bestseller on Amazon for 12 consecutive months. He attributes his success to being a blending of his energy along with his Soul’s guidance, the energy of The Intentional Beings as well as the momentum generated by his readers and his podcast audience. 

This book, for Omar, is a response to a call from the Intentional Beings to simplify Life for us all. He was ‘gifted’ with it and it is a ‘gift’ to us all as Intentional Beings. It is a book, though much of it is simply common sense, that has ‘an energy’ to it not found in most books, and therefore, it is not always understood by all who read it. It does require an awareness of energy on the part of the reader to understand its concepts and its message. 

This podcast is a little different from Omar’s other podcasts as he is, more or less, giving instruction on HOW to do the short meditation on Creating New Habits that he is providing, as promised at the end of last year. He suggests that we listen to the longer meditation periodically, and perhaps focus more regularly, even daily, on the short meditation which is approximately 6 minutes long. His main concern is that we will tend to engage our minds when he asks the two questions during the meditation. 

The two questions are “What do you see?” and “How do you feel?” Omar wants us through the meditation; the breathing, the long consistent humming noise of “mmmmmmmmmm” which will move energy to your abdomen, and the following stillness that results, to answer the questions using your emotions rather than your mind. 

Omar asks us in this short meditation to “Engage emotionally with feelings. Feel the feelings.” and answer “What do I see?” and “How do I feel?” using emotions rather than thought, which is also, interestingly enough, his focus in his Dream Journaling on cocreationsmanager.com. Focusing on “How do I feel?”  gives you totally different answers from “What does it mean?” “How do I feel?” allows you to become aware of blockages of which you may be unaware that can now be released with conscious awareness. Omar stresses that you may want to listen to the directions several times in order to fully grasp this concept. 

This is the fulfillment of Omar’s promise of the two gifts to us that he created for Forming New Habits in the New Year. Use the meditation to go from ‘thinking’ to ‘movement’ so that the clouds of the Maya Matrix dissolve. . .  so that you can receive insights from above. Allow your Soul to rearrange everything in stillness. Get into the moment of pure Beauty, pure Abundance and pure Love.

There is a special and personal message from Omar for us all at the end.