120 You Can Fall in Love Again, With Life


Have you given up on your dreams? Are you accepting mediocrity as Life’s answers to your yearning? Are you even worthy of your heart’s desires? In this podcast,  Omar continues with and expands upon the ideas presented in the previous podcast, Podcast 119 ~ Can We Be Fulfilled in Every Area of Our Lives? Fortunately for anyone who is wanting to know, the answer is “Yes!  We can be fulfilled in every area of our lives.” Interfacing the 3 principles of human development discussed in Podcast 119: Instinctual, Intellectual, and Spiritual, with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Omar weaves a pattern of understanding that will lead you to the balance you seek in your life ~ the key to the fulfillment of your aspirations. 

Omar is the author of the best-seller Transcending the Maya Matrix. 

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Omar says in this Podcast, “Life is cycles.” Well, that certainly is a Truth. We experience. We learn. We forget. And then we do it again and again, over and over, retaining part of the lesson each time. Life is, in essence, an ascending spiral of “Two steps forward, one step back”,  like the waves of the ocean tides on the beach, giving us the foundation and momentum that we need to move upward and forward to reach our lifetime dreams and aspirations. . . that is, until somewhere along the line, we get sucked in to “the one step back” that has an emotional charge to it, often from childhood or past experiences, that we cannot seem to overcome. Suddenly or sometimes over time, we lose our way when we become overwhelmed by the responsibilities and challenges that Life offers us for growth. 


In response to the numerous questions and comments of his listeners concerning the previous Podcast 119 - Can We Be Fulfilled in Every Area of Our Lives, Omar continues his discussion of the 3 Stages of Human Development (Instinctual, Intellectual, Spiritual) by correlating them with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This comparison gives us a broader, more detailed foundation upon which to build our understandings. His conversations with a new acquaintance whose “Mission” is to “live Life through the eyes of a child,” lends new insights on how we can all fall in love again . . . with Life.


When we were children, Life, for the most part and for many of us, was our best friend. We saw the world in living color, with anticipation and full of possibilities for the fulfillment of our deepest hopes and dreams. We were excited to wake up, we built sand castles, we created games, we made friends, we played, we used our imagination and our “gifts” ~ we splashed color all around us. We did not want to go to bed at night. We created Life. 


What happened to that inquisitive, childlike perspective that made life magical, fun, spontaneous? 


As we mature, we absorb the programming of the Maya Matrix. We pull “veils” of forgetfulness over our awarenesses, we lose that glow, that energy, that sense of joy and freedom trading it for responsibility, limitation, addictions, “safety” and routine. We “survive” what we perceive as being “thrown” at us. We lose our spontaneity and our ability to love ourselves (and others), for fear of our tender hearts being further wounded by the insensitive world around us.  We believe the empty promises of the Maya Matrix that there IS nothing more. We also lose the awareness that we could be asking for SO much more and that we are, indeed, worthy of FAR more than our dulled minds can perceive in the wake of the Matrix. 


In essence, we shut down.


Omar’s explanation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs reminds us that there are essential human needs that must be met in order for people to move forward in their ability to achieve their higher aspirations: Physiological needs, Safety needs, needs of Love and Belonging, Esteem needs, and lastly, Self-Actualization. The steps cannot be incomplete. In order to move forward, we must sometimes go back to address any unmet needs. 


“Intentional Habits get you back “into alignment”, back to “moving forward” when you lose your way.” They separate “the noise from the gold” thus helping us to release all that is not helpful in reaching our goals.  Each step is a pure Truth, in and of itself, guiding you to a deeper understanding of who you really are, step by step, and bringing you back to your true self of joyful, loving expression. 


Life is not attacking us. We are, in fact, the ones who are creating Life through our thoughts, our words, our actions and our energy based on what we each hold as our world view from our own  experiences of individual needs that either have or have not been met. If your life has lost its luster, Life is asking you to wake up.  Befriend Life. If too much is coming at you, step back and listen to what your friend (Life) is trying to tell you. Keep asking the questions of the inquisitive child that you are in Reality. Be still. Listen. Answers will come. 


Are you worthy of love, abundance, happiness, romance? Absolutely! That is your birthright. There is nothing you have to do to earn “being worthy.” You are worthy because you ARE Life. Can you reach that Self Awareness that you ARE worthy? That is a different question. That is the journey that we all are on. 


You CAN fall in love again with Life. . . once you recognize that you and Life are one.