119 Can we be fulfilled in every area of our lives?

In this podcast, Omar explores the concepts of being fulfilled and being successful, the differences between the two and the end results. He also delves into the 3 states of human experience, explaining the characteristics of each particular state. “What exactly does being fulfilled in every area of your life feel/look like?” Omar opens this space with you, asking and allowing your Soul the opportunity to speak. “Be still and know. “

Omar is the author of the best-seller Transcending the Maya Matrix. 

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Who wants to be successful and who wants to be fulfilled? Is that the same person at different stages in their life, or is it actually two different types of people with contrasting perspectives who simply value different things in life? I actually asked myself this question as I observed a broad range of traditions and values during the holidays, and so I found this podcast timely. 


The difference between success and fulfillment is a relevant understanding here. This is explained and clarified in this podcast. The desire for one or the other is not exactly what you might think. 


Apparently, as Omar points out, it has to do with our state of human experience; primitive, intellectual, or spiritual awareness. If viewed from that perspective, people and their values make a lot more sense to me now. 


“What does being fulfilled in every area of your life feel/look like?” The fact that we are guided to connect with Omar, and with our Soul to ask and find the answers to this question for ourselves is one of the reasons that I listen to these podcasts. It is why I take part in the programs. 


Omar doesn’t pretend to have the recipe for success, happiness, fulfillment or all of Life’s answers. There is no recipe, no matter what you have been told/sold. He simply guides you to your own innate guidance where you own Truth resides and where the answers are to be found. By opening a space of Presence inviting Awareness, he takes you Home. What could be truer and more authentic than that?