118 New Year's Resolution And Intentional Habits


What is it that you really want for the holidays? What is it that you really want in your life? Does it come in a box with shiny paper and ribbons? In this podcast, Omar discusses the one area in which many of us feel a lack, especially around the holidays ~ relationships. The first of his suggestions can change your relationship with yourself and others instantly. Listen and learn how to receive the other free gifts that Omar is offering this holiday season to help you reach your goals.



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New Year’s Resolutions: The Final Frontier! I have never once in my entire life kept a SINGLE New Year’s resolution. Not once! It’s not that there aren’t things that I want to change about myself. I do believe that as Omar and all of the greatest minds say, “ Changing your habits will change your future.” It’s just that the word “resolution” is such a confining, depressing word that doesn’t sound fun. . . or even in the realm of possibility. So why bother.


When Omar suggested that we come up with “Intentions” for the New Year, that thought felt lighter, less restrictive to me. I felt inspired. I can hold an “intention” in my heart and mind for my self. If perhaps, I slip for a moment, it’s not over, because it is an “intention”, not a firm, finite “resolution”, and I can pick right up where I left off. . .  once I regain my balance. There is no “already established”, preset guilt pattern imposed upon me by the millions of “broken” resolutions that have gone before me in the Maya Matrix. The Maya Matrix and mass consciousness have not yet figured out how to guilt you over an intention that has not been met. An intention is simply an intention; not binding, no rules. I can do that! 


So . . . now on to the gifts! The first gift that Omar offers in this podcast is such an easy thing to do, and yet in the busyness of the season, we do not even think to do it. Relationships. If everyone were to do this one thing. . . what a wonderful world it would be! 


The next three gifts are a 15-minute meditation, a 5-minute meditation, and questions on which to reflect - all created by Omar. Do the longer meditation when you have more time. Do the shorter one when you have not so much time. Simple enough. Look at the questions and reflect on them as you go through your day. When you have a quick minute or so, write down the answers to give you more insights. All for free, to help you create intentional habits for the New Year. 


But the greatest gift of all . . . is truly a gift of LOVE. As someone who is taking part in the Intention to Realization Program that Omar has created, I can honestly say that Module One - Reclaiming Your Vision is AMAZING! Omar has put his time, his heart and his Soul into the creation of this program. To give this module for the price of $1...  well, that is QUITE a gift!  


This module allows you to look at every aspect of your life in a loving, reflective and creative way. It helps you recognize where your Soul wants you to go. This module made me love my life, my family, my relationships and my self. It expanded my perspective and helped me change some outdated perceptions.  It let me know where my Soul wants me to go. 


Choose “The Happy Door” for this holiday season. All you have to do is say “Yes” . . . to Joy, to Love and most importantly. . .  to your Self. Accept with gratitude . . . and allow these gifts of consciousness to unfold in your life. 


For now, there is Faith, Hope, and Love, these three. . . And the greatest of these. . . is Love.”

1 Cor. 13. 


Thank you for sharing your gifts, Omar!