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Who is in charge here? Who is running the show?  In this podcast, Omar describes his various experiences of working with different guides, and the impact that it has had on his life and his outlook on life. He furthers that discussion to what it is for him to work with others in Intentionship, both in groups and with individuals. We tend think that we, as Intentional Beings, are always coming from our highest vibrational space in dealing with others. He discusses how the ego can slip in unnoticed at the most unexpected times to replace and imitate the calm, expansive presence of the Soul. Discover in this podcast how to recognize the ego’s traps and strategies. Learn how to discern the feelings that will arise, if your presence has, in fact, been hijacked by the ego.


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In this podcast, Omar gives us some insights into the teachers and guides that he has worked with as he has examined his own life issues, and how these guides have helped mold him into the being that he is today. I always find it interesting to hear about the significant teachers in ones life because if they have made an impact on a particular person, they probably still have something to teach . . . through that person. Authentic teachings go on for generations in this way. Those who carry these teachings are often unaware of the energy and impact of their words on others, not realizing that in sharing the echoes of the past, they themselves become transmitters of wise and sacred teachings. . . guideposts for those who are on a journey seeking direction in their lives. 


Omar also talks in this podcast about Intentionship and the benefits of working with others in various settings such as group settings or more intimately, with individuals. It seems to me that he is particularly concerned with the importance of maintaining a higher vibrational experience as well as professionalism, not only for those working with him, but especially for upholding those qualities in regards to himself as the “teacher” or “guide” . . . His intention always being that of a “pure channel” for the Highest Good of All. 


It’s funny how the backdrop of nature, and other ways of getting in touch with our Essence, can soothe us. . . lull us even . . . perhaps, into believing that the ego is forever gone. There is such a Oneness present when surrounded by desert sand, stars and sky. Spiritual practices raise us up;

bring us closer to our “Higher Angels”. They bring us awareness and a higher way of dealing with life for ourselves and for those who share the experience of life with us. They smooth the path for us as we move forward. 


Spiritual practices though, are not intended, I believe, to rid us of the ego, and Omar does not suggest this. Spiritual practices help us to identify and see the ego’s conniving, its power trips, its games and its self-importance with compassion, understanding and love. The ego is vibrant and alive. It is amusing in its antics. There is a beauty and frailty to its dramas, its stories, its excuses and yes, even its lies. There, beneath all of its boasting, pretense and showmanship, lies a tender, fragile, frightened child deserving of understanding for all of its suffering, confusion and misunderstandings. It has much to teach us. 


Omar points out that it is when the ego succeeds in replacing and imitating, without our own awareness, the Soul’s calm, gentle and benevolent presence, that Intentionship can become a whole different thing than its original intent. A usurping ego is not a friendly entity and its intention is based solely upon its own selfish needs and desires; it’s own aggrandizement. Omar strives to be an aware and pure channel for good. He encourages us all to be aware of the stealth and power of the ego through paying attention to our feelings of either feeling small, fearful, constricted (ego) vs. expanded, loving, and joyful (Soul).


The ego is not something to be feared, hated or done away with. It is something to be embraced. For only in embracing our shadows and shining our Light upon them, accepting them for the tender and elusive parts of us that they are, can we be whole. 


Embrace that part of your self that needs acceptance. Embrace it . . . and at the same time. . . be alert and be aware.

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Thank you, Liza, for sharing! It is always wonderful to read your comments.