115 Psychics, Between Truth And Illusion

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I LOVE these Intentional Beings podcasts. . . and I wait for them every week. In this week’s podcast, Omar discusses psychics and where the truth of their skills and their being lies. Do you want to know the future? Have you ever consulted or considered consulting a psychic? Omar's open-minded discussion delves into the question of psychics and the truths as well as the illusions that swirl around them, causing confusion for anyone who might actually be interested in having such an experience.

He explains that we all have the ability to be psychic. He touches on such subjects as the function of the pineal gland, various forms of yoga, the opening of the chakras, psychic abilities, reading energy, and mystic experiences such as astral travel, sensing light/energy, and the feelings of awakening kundalini in relation to our possibilities for awakening. He goes on to differentiate between the work that he does as a spiritual counselor in bringing out "guidance from within" with those with whom he works, as opposed to the "outer" answers that are traditionally given by a psychic. He further explains through his personal experiences, various types of extrasensory perceptions and possibilities available at different levels of awareness. Omar's podcasts are really relaxing to listen to. His voice is soothing. He is honest and truthful. As he frequently says, he is not going to give you answers. He is going to "open a space" for your own inner guidance to reach through to you, to give you the truth of your own being, to give you the answers that are meant for you. That is where you will find truth. Omar also clarifies some of the guidelines for gaining a deeper understanding of Intentional Beings and how they view the world. Packed with information and Omar’s particular brand of humor, this podcast is both fascinating and insightful.