114 The Magical Power of Your Word (Sankalpa)

Are the things that we read really truths? In this Podcast, Omar takes us on a journey through his personal experiences as he investigates the Truth of various spiritual healing art techniques. Why do they sometimes work . . . but not always?

What is the role that science and statistics play in our physicality?

What is our responsibility in our own personal healing?

Omar addresses these questions and more in this podcast. The main message of this podcast is learning how to use the power of the word - Sankalpa.


Omar M. Makram is the author of the book Transcending the Maya Matrix, a book that has become an international bestseller and maintained the bestseller status in the USA for 12 consecutive months.

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Whatever we believe is true . . . for us. We are beings who create either intentionally or unintentionally with our energy, our thoughts, and our words. We are Awareness. Wherever we place our awareness/our focus, that is what we become/what we create. Through the power of the Word or Sankalpa, we can create healing, we can create peace, we can create realities that far exceed our wildest dreams. 


“I AM ~The two most powerful words in the universes,” I was told. This has been true in my experience.  I find myself, as I listen to this podcast, going back to the teaching of “whatever you attach to your ‘I AM’ to, you will create.” I have found that combined with belief and focus as Omar outlines, these two words are the most powerful that I have encountered when repeated as affirmations or mantras. “I AM depressed” =  ensuing depression. “I AM joyful” = ensuing joy. “My world is magical” creates a magical world. “I AM magical” creates a far more expansive and higher frequency reality than simply “the world is magical”.  I AM is extremely powerful. It is knowing that you have a magic wand that really works!  


This is basically what Omar is sharing in this podcast with his descriptions of his personal experiences and investigations into “myths”. He reminds us that we are not the body; the physical self. We HAVE a body but we are NOT the body. We are Awareness. “We believe. We focus. We use our words to expand or diminish ourselves.” It is our responsibility. . .  to ourselves, as he points out, to be aware of ourselves. “Many of our beliefs are erroneous and take us outside of ourselves.” It is our responsibility to be aware, to release that which is a fallacy, and then to create in Truth what we want to see come into our reality. 


“But what about science and statistics?” you might ask. “The results of spiritual healing arts practices are not always predictable.” One might even consider them to be myths. In the same vein, science and statistics are not always predictable either. “We create statistics with our observations, then we believe them.” One might even say that statistics can be equated with  “modern myths”. Mass consciousness, through belief in the systems of the Maya Matrix, accepts with ease, the validity of these “myths”. Western medicine limits itself by its reliance on statistics. 


So who are you going to believe?  In this podcast, Omar gives you the opportunity to discern for yourself by presenting the information, his personal experiences, perspectives, and insights, with a short meditation at the end, so that you can gain understanding through experience. You are creating, either intentionally or unintentionally. It is up to you to decide IF through the power of your Word, you create an expanded life or if you choose to allow the power of your Word to slip by unnoticed until your diminishing world needs adjusting. It is not the Power of the Word that creates the quality of expansion or contraction in our lives. It is OUR own consciousness, that DIRECTS this flow of energy through the gateway of the Power of our Word to the end result that we call “our lives”.