113 The Practice of Surrender

How can we learn to be in the flow of Life, observing in the moment, feeling our emotions and experiencing fully each moment when daily living in the Maya Matrix constantly feels like a “drive-by”?

In this podcast, Omar reveals the contrast between the hectic and exhausting lives that most of us lead as compared to the unlimited possibilities of flow, freedom, and joy to be found in following the Greater Intelligence that resides within your own being. In addition, he offers a free gift to the listener. Simply go to cocreationsmanager.com, create an account if you do not already have one, and click on the Meditations button. Sit back and relax into a process that will guide you into the practice of Surrender. Your new way of awaiting your presence!


Omar M. Makram is the author of the book Transcending the Maya Matrix, a book that has become an international bestseller and maintained the bestseller status in the USA for 12 consecutive months.

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In this podcast, Omar discusses “Surrender” and the challenges involved when one is leading a busy life packed with so much and going so fast that stopping to “smell the roses” just doesn’t even feel like it is worth the effort because the next thing that is grabbing your attention is already fast upon you. Pushed from behind (and thus always feeling like you are behind) by the frenetic, demanding, never-ending demands of the ego, Life takes its toll on our vulnerable, dependent personality which doesn’t know which way to turn. MORE seems to be the answer. But more of what?


In discussing the 7 Simple Steps, Omar pulls our attention to the awareness that as Intentional Beings, we tend to spend most of our time in Steps 1 and 2; Intention and Awareness of Being, when in fact, more emphasis should be placed on Step 4, Allowing. In the step of Allowing, we actually step back and “allow the Greater Intelligence to flow through us to do what it needs to do.” We need to train ourselves to “let go” and to be in the flow of the moment.  Mindfulness is the practice of Life, the practice of being in the moment. How is that accomplished?


There is a free gift that accompanies this podcast. One simply goes to cocreationsmanager.com, logs on (or creates an account if they do not already have one) and clicks the Meditations button. There is a free meditation that guides you through the practice of Surrender. If done regularly, this practice will create the necessary pathways for Surrender to become an automatic response to the stresses in your life. Additionally, on the cocreationsmanager.com website, there is free journaling available, which is a wonderful way to express concerns, relieve stress and produce creative answers and insights to one’s life problems. All for free. 


It is important to recognize that the stresses and demands of modern living are harmful to us. As Omar says, “Yielding to Life feels better.” Practicing Mindfulness/Surrender has noticeable effects in treating anxiety, memory issues among other ailments, and has a healing effect on both the body and the mind. “Being in a state of Surrender or Allowing is the key to your joy.” 


Omar asks us to observe ourselves. Just notice. How many minutes of your life are spent/invested in “looping” as you seek answers that never come? How many tender moments with the people you love are missed because your mind is somewhere else solving problems (but not really making any progress with those problems) while those you care about are right in front of you searching your eyes for your gaze in the hope for intimacy? How much connection with others, which is one of the greatest joys of Life, are you missing? Omar asks us to take time out of the “rat race” to Surrender to our Souls, our Greater Intelligence, our Innate Guide. There is no better teacher than that One within us. 


Our minds call for “more.” It is more than evident that none of us needs more stimulation from the outer world and that we can all benefit from going “within”. The calling for “More” on a deeper and calmer level, is the Soul asking for more time. . .  spent in stillness.  It is in being still and allowing, that Life opens up to us, shares its wisdom, spreads its wings and lifts us up to untold possibilities.