112 Surrendering Vs. Following Your Desire

Desire is Intention. It is what we want to manifest in our lives. Surrender, on the other hand, is a ‘letting go’ or ‘allowing’ state of being that is actually the key to getting our desires. Desire/Surrender. They sound like they are opposites. In this podcast, Omar explains how to reconcile this seemingly unresolvable conflict through the use of the 7 Simple Steps along with the 3 Attentions that are outlined in his book Transcending The Maya Matrix: Using the Seven Simple Steps, our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization.  He shows us through definition and concrete examples how to stay in balance while at the same time, realize our goals. 


Omar M. Makram is the author of the book Transcending the Maya Matrix, a book that has become an international bestseller and maintained the bestseller status in the USA for 12 consecutive months.

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“There is something that I want to make happen in my life~ some material object or relationship that I want to have. But how do I get there? I have read Transcending The Maya Matrix and I listen to the podcasts. I follow the 7 Simple Steps and something within that process seems conflicting to me, but I cannot put my finger on it. Why can’t I make it work?”

In this podcast, Omar clarifies what feels like a contradiction, a seeming disconnect in the 7 Simple Steps. There is no contradiction. There is a need instead for deeper understanding which is exactly why Omar has created these podcasts. Through his weekly podcasts, he is able to give his readers and listeners detailed clarifications tailored specifically to their needs by addressing their concerns and questions that he receives through email. This process makes his book and teachings a unique, living and inspired pathway to realizations and self-actualization. “The guru is in!”

“I want something to be/ to happen in my life” ~Step 1: Intention (Desire).  “I now have it in my life”

~Step 7: Realization. But what happens in between? Omar describes and explains that Surrender ~ Step 4: Allowing, is the key to everything you want. Therein lies what appears to be the contradiction, though it is not. Desire (reaching for what you want) and Surrender (going along with the flow of life) seem to be opposites. As Omar points out, “There IS a relationship between desire and manifestation.”

“Outside of the Matrix, in Reality, Life unifies by itself.” Surrender (Step 4) allows Life to do what it naturally does all on its own. It is the opposite of resistance or attachment which blocks the flow of Life. In order to move through attachments and resistance, Omar draws from his book, an explanation with concrete examples of the 3 Attentions: Movement, Passion, and Quality of Consciousness.

‘Movement’ involves noticing “What is working?” -  Being aware of how much of what you are doing IS actually in the flow, and focusing on that, thereby increasing it. ‘Passion’ is your enthusiasm, your anticipation for what is coming next and keeping that alive. ‘Quality of Consciousness’  is a feeling. It is the result of imagining how you will feel when you realize your dreams. Holding awareness of these 3 Attentions as you go through the 7 Simple Steps keeps you free from attachments which in turn allows Life to flow giving you what you want. 

Napoleon said, “Imagination rules the world.” Place your focus on how you are going to feel when your dream is realized. See it in your ‘mind’s eye’. Pretend that it is already there. It is not so important the ‘how’. That creates a blockage when you insist on it being done a certain way. Step back and allow Life to bring you that which you desire in its own way. When you are not so attached to the ‘how’, you are no longer trying to control Life. You surrender. You are free to be you. Life is free to be Life. And “freedom leads to more freedom”.