111 Imagination, the creative substance of reality

Have you received insights from your Soul? Have you written them down? Have you made them a priority? In this podcast, Omar explains how to turn these insights into Reality as we know it through the higher, creative use of Imagination. Settle in and invite your Inner Being to join you in understanding the inner workings of Imagination.  This is after all the most important relationship you have - the one with your Inner Being. . . and you both play an important part in this creative process. 


Omar is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix

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When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on the bedroom floor coloring a picture of a cow. One leg was green. One leg was blue. The body was a variety of colors; mainly purple with splashes of orange, red, and yellow. I showed my masterpiece to my older brother and sister who laughed at me saying that no such creature existed. In my mind, they were wrong. It existed right there in my paper. It was in the world because I had brought it through. My mother came in, scolded my brother and sister, telling them that I had “a very VIVID imagination.” I have always remembered those words, her voice, the expression on her face. She, in that moment, gave me the courage to look beyond mediocrity and the Maya Matrix to create the “Impossible Dream” that is my life today. 


So how is it that Imagination brings things into what we know as Reality? In this podcast, Omar discusses and explains the intricacies and the inner workings of the processes involved in creation through the use of Imagination. He shares with us, step by step, the use of the 7 Simple Steps and the 3 types of thinking, to demonstrate the way to create new worlds and realities.


As Omar explains, “We all have the power of choice to create moment by moment from the Soul into Reality as we know it. Your Intention IS powerful.”  In our minds, we can create instantly. That is a fact. But to bring those creations into material existence is not so easy. It seems that we frequently get blocked in our efforts. 


Omar reminds us of the 3 types of thinking, which are discussed in his bestselling book, Transcending the Maya Matrix. Compulsive thinking is a lower form of thinking, which is the voice in our heads that chatters nonstop without end commenting, trying to solve and control everything that comes into its awareness. Not so helpful with creating what we want to bring into this world. In fact, compulsive thinking can create blockages and even totally shut down our ability to create. The second way of thinking is Insight, which comes from above as a result of a break in that constant chatter through relaxing processes such as meditation, walking, reading, listening to music, taking a warm shower, and other similar activities. Lastly, there is Creative thinking which is where we take a thought and ‘walk with it’ following through with insight. Insight and Creative thinking are both higher forms of thinking.


Taking us through each step of the 7 Simple Steps, Omar demonstrates the role that each step plays in moving us from Vision toward Creative Expressions that we manifest in the material world using the power of our Imagination.  He emphasizes that in order to be successful, our intentions must be higher intentions rather than the lower intentions of escape, illusion, and the Maya Matrix. Our thinking must be of the higher order, as well. It is important to recognize that our thoughts and intentions are not always ‘higher’ or ‘right’, and will not always lead us to our heart’s desire, though they pretend that they will.  Our Innate Guide, however, is ALWAYS right. It knows what we yearn for in Life. It knows our deepest desires. It is our loyal guide throughout our lives . . . and it will not lead us astray.