110 Romance Does Exist

We all wonder about relationships, particularly romantic relationships. Why is the rate of divorce so high? Why do relationships change and lose their luster over time? Why do people lose hope in true love? We are left through our negative relationship experiences with the question, “Does romance even exist?”  It seems elusive the very moment we think it is within our reach. Omar addresses these questions and gives a surprising answer. Listen and find out the one thing you have perhaps not even considered in your relationships, romantic or otherwise. 

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Does romance really exist or is that just the stuff of fairy tales that we were raised with as further evidence of “Seek but do not find” living in the Maya Matrix? In this podcast, Omar builds on his previous Podcast 109 Who is Genuine and Who is Trying to Steal My Soul by exploring the dynamics of all relationships, not just those of a romantic nature. The surprising answer to that burning question is that it is not who we fall in love with, how much money we make, our age, or our looks - all excuses of the Maya Matrix, and it is not even about the other person. It is all about the relationship you have with yourself. 


If you want to realize the loving relationships of a lifetime that we all tend to seek, you must take responsibility for yourself. Happiness does not come from the other person in the relationship. Pain does not come from that other person. Those aspects of relationships come from within you. You are responsible for your own happiness and your own pain as well. Forget that other person. Focus on yourself. We must have the courage to face ourselves in order to realize those rich, deep relationships we desire so much.


Omar emphasizes that when we begin a new relationship, our Intentions (Step 1 of the 7 Simple Steps) are often a combination of higher and lower intentions which creates mixed results as well as the first bliss of the relationship eventually becoming a disappointment. Both parties in a relationship will grow if they are willing to take ownership and responsibility for their own happiness and their own ‘stuff’ within the relationship. Any relationship begins with you. Your relationships may include a variety of people. You, however, are the one constant in all of your relationships. 


When relationships morph into disappointment or something unrecognizable, we tend to look outside of ourselves for happiness and often outside of the relationship itself. This is simply a form of escape. If you truly are wanting a long term relationship such as a life partner, forgiveness is an important element in relationships; forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of the other and forgiveness of the relationship itself. It takes the maturity of recognizing that in taking ownership for your own pain and joy, you are no longer afforded the luxury of blaming others. 


Accept that it is you, your stuff, your ego that is keeping you from realizing your dreams. Take ownership and use the 7 Simple Steps, outlined in detail, in Transcending the Maya Matrix to work through your own issues. Stop pointing the finger in order to soothe yourself that the failure of your relationships is the responsibility of someone else. Omar reminds us that “Love is safety, serenity, peace.” It can be experienced both within or without a relationship with another being. Learn to love others and to attract the loving relationships that you desire, by first and foremost, learning to love yourself. Romance does exist. It is found . . . within you.