108 How to find my purpose?

Do you know what your purpose is in Life? Do you hear a calling leading you on an absolute path to Enlightenment? We hear over and over again that we all have a purpose in Life. What is purpose anyway? What exactly does it mean and why does it seem so elusive to us? Omar guides us through his personal experiences to illustrate what purpose looks like, how to recognize it and how to know that you are following your own vision to purpose. There is a surprising aspect to the purpose that you have probably never considered. Omar shares it with us here. 

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In this podcast, Omar answers a sincere inquiry of a participant of his 5 Day Challenge. The questions were as follow: What IS purpose? How can we find it? Do I have to know “who I am” before I can find my purpose?  Anyone who has embarked on the spiritual path has asked themselves these questions with varying degrees of confidence in the responses they have received. 

Using his own life experiences, Omar weaves a tale that is filled with both passion and pain demonstrating that it is Life itself that helps guide us to an understanding of our purpose. The themes of his life that emerge: music and spirituality/noise and silence/passion and pain helped define his ultimate choice to follow that which would give him an intentional authentic way of being as well as a high quality of expression,  basically . . . because it felt better. In other words, Omar was actually making a decision between following the Maya Matrix (the noise and the voices that lure us into the Maya Matrix thereby losing our true selves in confusion and pain) and his Innate Guide (his Soul who will lead him in Joy to clarity and his life purpose.) 

For me, the ‘aha!’ moment of this podcast is when Omar says that our purpose is not stagnant, that it changes. It is our expectation that our purpose is fixed, immutable that leads us to the incorrect assumption that we have to ‘search’ for our purpose which leads us away from our own authentic desires and into a world of endless confusion. The Maya Matrix, or the world as we know it, takes you “everywhere but” to your purpose. We do not have to ‘seek’, we simply have to be aware. “Awareness IS our power.” 

In being aware and recognizing your passion, your joy, your inspiration you will find yourself walking towards your Radiance, your Light, your Joy. It is in simply asking questions and giving your attention to the answers you receive and to yourself that you are lead step by step to the ultimate life that you desire. You do not have to know “who you are” in order to find your purpose. You simply, as Omar says, “Follow the ‘good feeling’”. In Truth, he echoes the famous words of Joseph Campbell, professor of Literature who worked in the areas of comparative mythology and comparative religion, “Follow your bliss”. That is where you will find your eternal nature and your true purpose in living. 


“Follow the ‘good feeling’.” 


“Follow your bliss.” 


Wise words from 2 gifted teachers that serve as guideposts along the path that we call the Journey of Life.