107 Security on the Co-Creations Manager Online Tool

107 Security on the Co-Creations Manager Online Tool

The focus of this podcast is security on cocreationsmanager.com, a site that Omar has created in order to provide a venue for journaling for his audience of readers of his bestselling book, Transcending the Maya Matrix, as well as for those who listen to his podcasts. He wanted to provide a private space online in which to grow. This site provides much more than just journaling. Omar outlines for us a description of the offerings of this website along with an explanation of the security measures that he has taken in order for us all to feel safe.  “Safety First!”


Omar is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix

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Journaling is about expression. . . self-expression. It is an amazing way of processing intentions and emotions by allowing them to flow unfettered in a safe space so that we have the opportunity to see what lies beneath the ‘masks’ that we wear to hide our ‘true’ selves from others, from society, and often. . . ourselves. Omar created cocreationsmanager.com to provide his audience with such a space. This space also includes other offerings such as meditations, videos, the 10 lessons that accompany his bestselling book Transcending the Maya Matrix, Dream Journaling and a Divine Design Journal that helps us bring intentions, projects, books, and businesses into manifestation. His emotional scale based on that of Abraham-Hicks is surprisingly effective. 


Although Intentional Beings recognize in free journaling (journaling that is a flow of energy, rather than grammatical exercise incorrectness) that “your expressions are not you”, they are often hesitant to put something like that online. My greatest fear was that I would write a bunch of these momentary surges of feeling and emotion that are nothing more than that, in a notebook type of journal, I would die and my family would be left with venting expressions that had nothing to do with them. They would be left wondering who it was that they had been living with all these years. I, therefore, do not write in journals like that. Journaling online with the safety measures that Omar has provided, allow me to journal in a safe space so that I can grow in my intentionality without harming those I love. 


Omar gives suggestions of the types of things that you personally can do in order to ensure your privacy such as logging out of your account each time so that curious family members are not able to view your work, creating a username instead of using your real name, and expressing freely, then going back and deleting the ‘venting’ part after you have discovered major points. Leave those points for your future reference if you choose to. Additionally, we all know that our personal information is on the Internet. To protect us, Omar uses a high inscription certificate, an SSL Certificate, used by banks and email, as well as a firewall to protect the site from hackers and viruses. 


In order to trust that space is safe, we all need assurances. Omar recognizes that basic need for privacy that we all have. He wants this site to be useful. Your privacy matters! As the saying goes, “Safety First!”