106 are your goals worth moving out of your comfort zone?

106 are your goals worth moving out of your comfort zone?

In this podcast, as Omar prepares for his 5 Day Challenge on Facebook, he focuses on how to determine whether our goals are worth moving out of our comfort zone or not. What is our guidance, our Innate Guide, telling us when we are in a space of comfort? Is that the time to stay and “smell the roses” or is that the time to push forward to make that Quantum Leap that you have been longing to experience in order to make the changes in your life that will create a whole new Reality? Omar gives us insights on how to know whether you are being led by the ego or guided by the Soul.


Omar M. Makram is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix. This book speaks about transcending the illusions of reality, understanding that the only source of truth is within the self and how to use, what he calls: The Innate Guide to Co-Creation and Self-Realization.

Co-Creation Co-Creation is to befriend Life and work with It toward your highest goals.

Self-Realization is to know that you and Life are One, not two. Imagine the peace!



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I am at a crossroads in my life as I am writing this review. This podcast is perfect for me. I am in a very comfortable place and feeling a need for rest having spent 10 weeks completing Omar’s 10 Workbooks (or Lessons) that go along with his book Transcending the Maya Matrix. I have become aware of so much through his journaling process that was not evident to me before. It was intense, good. . .  but intense because I really wanted answers. My mindset has changed and I need a break! And so of course, along comes this new 5 Day Challenge that Omar promises will create a Quantum Leap in our lives . . . which sounds really interesting and at the same time really scary to me! Do I really need to have a mind blowing experience at this point?


So in this podcast Omar is addressing the very questions that I am feeling anguish about. He says about the 5 Day Challenge, “Come with Intention so you get answers from your Soul, not from me. Be clear with your Vision. Set an Intention.” He defines Quantum Leap as the ‘short cut’ or actually the “‘shortest cut’ between where you are and where you want to be.” Well, that all sounds good to me. He bases his program on three main principles which he reveals in the 5 day program. We want to remove obstacles in our lives that are negative and hold us back.  I agree with that. So how do I make a decision?


Omar guides us with his observation that in the Maya, your ego will tell you that you have an ‘issue’and the ego wants to cover up that issue so that it will not ‘look bad’. It will come up with all kinds of logical excuses that really do sound valid. It will convince you. Your life however cannot change unless you are aware of the aspects of your self that are holding you back. Once you release those aspects, you fly forward like an arrow being released from a drawn bow. You get that Quantum Leap and it is AMAZING what it does for your life. 


Only you are going to know what is right for you. It is in listening to your own Soul in Stillness that you will find your answers. It depends on where you are in your life, and Omar is upfront about that. The ego may tell you to “push, push, push, go for it, do it” for its own gratification. Or it may create all kinds of reasons that you shouldn’t do it such as “I don’t have time, I don’t need this, 

I already know this stuff.” There may be a pull in your heart to reach for this and at the same time, your Soul may be saying, “You need rest. This is not the time.” It is a fine line that only you can ‘feel’ your way through. 


I am reminded of a poem by the French poet, playwright and novelist, Guillaume Apollinaire in which he writes about a wise teacher beckoning his students.  

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t. It’s too high.”

“Come to the edge,” he said. 

“We can’t. We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t. We might fall off.

“Come to the edge,” he said.

They came. He pushed and they flew. 


Or as Paul Atreides is told in Dune by the wise priestesses, “Fear is the mind killer.”


Omar is always saying that our answers lie within. He says, “The anchor is not in the ground. The anchor is in the heart”. In making any decision, spiritual or not, follow your heart. Therein lies your Innate Guide. Therein lies your Truth. Therein lie your answers.