105 Should we commit to anything?

In this podcast, Omar addresses several different topics. He discusses the effects that can be felt in completing the 10 Workbooks (Lessons) that accompany his book: Transcending the Maya Matrix, his Podcast 101 Should We Blame the Creator or the Creation, and the subject of commitment and what it means to an Intentional Being. He also shares some of the reviews of his book that he has received and how they help him in discerning what types of information should be included in his podcasts. ‘A little bit of everything’ in today’s podcast. Enjoy!


Omar M. Makram is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix. This book speaks about transcending the illusions of reality, understanding that the only source of truth is within the self and how to use, what he calls: The Innate Guide to Co-Creation and Self-Realization.

Co-Creation Co-Creation is to befriend Life and work with It toward your highest goals.

Self-Realization is to know that you and Life are One, not two. Imagine the peace!



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In this podcast, Omar touches upon several subjects of interest that have come up in his email communications with some of his readers. The first topic of discussion concerns the experience of a reader who felt exhausted having completed the 10 Workbooks (Lessons) that accompany Omar’s book Transcending the Maya Matrix. These Workbooks or Lessons are delivered to you email upon request - 1 per week. They take you deeper in your understanding of the book and what it means to you on a personal level. Going through, clearing out old thoughts and beliefs can be exhausting. It depends on how deeply you choose to delve and how hard you tend to push yourself. He clarifies the fact that there is ‘inspired action’ and there is ‘rushed action’. Rushed action tells you to ‘go for it’, ‘push hard’ because you will get there faster. Inspired action tells you to slow down, go into Stillness and follow the whispers of your Soul. Inspired action will get you where you want to go because it gives you a step by step approach which leads you gently where you want to go. Sometimes, he says,  in a case of extreme exhaustion, it is your Soul that is suggesting self care: “slow down, drink water, rest, play with puppies and kitties, take a walk in the park, chill, smell the roses. . . “


At this point, sort of an Intermission, Omar shares a few of his reviews and explains how he uses both reviews and emails to create his podcasts. He finds that since his book has been published, that more people are asking questions. This enables him to create more informative podcasts which in turn enhances the book by giving more in-depth information. He appreciates that he receives these emails, and he feels that his audience is actually helping him create a community of intentionality. 


The second topic that Omar addresses is that of commitment. Using the example of marriage, he explains that instead of saying “I do” and expecting “til death do we part” - what the Maya Matrix calls ‘commitment’ the marriage of an Intentional Being is based on “commitment on a daily, moment to moment basis.” Illusion will tell you now that it will last forever. The Innate Guide will simply tell you, “In this moment, this is good” and in the next moment “This is good” leading you step by step on your journey. It will not give the false promises of the ego. It simply does not work that way. In an ‘intentional’ marriage “we follow the flow of intention. We look at the moment to see what is true here and now. This type of relationship takes a strong presence and requires having a strong relationship with Being making it a priority so we can hear the whispers of the Innate Guide.”


The third topic Omar addresses is his Podcast 101 Should We Blame the Creator or the Creation? to which he evidently received a number of responses by email. Podcast 101 covered the subject of cruelty in nature and how to come to terms with it, something that had bothered Omar from an early age. This distress, in fact, is what called him to delve deeply into this subject to find answers. 

He counsels us to not be alarmed by authentic expression especially as we all go through it. It is important to believe and trust the Innate Guide. He further adds that if you are disturbed by a podcast or by anything negative for that matter, it is “an opportunity for growth”.  You can ignore it if you choose and keep going. But eventually, you will have to go back and look at it in whatever form of suppressed impediment takes shape in your life, whether it be in the form of an illness, relationship issues, financial issues or any number of ways that it can come to the surface in order to be expressed. As his mentor, Beryl Thompson says, “You have to go get it where you left it.” We must all go back to the origin of the issues that arise. It is only once they have been cleared that we can continue moving forward again on our path. 


Finally, Omar encourages his audience to communicate with him; to share their experiences, their thoughts, their feelings with him as they go through the 7 Simple Steps. In doing so, we give him the guidance that he needs in order to personalize and improve the tools that he is creating for the Intentional Beings. 


This podcast is a veritable feast, a smorgasbord, un peu de tout (a little bit of everything). Sit down comfortably, relax and enjoy. You will not be disappointed. Bon appetit!