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In this podcast, Omar introduces the Dream Journal that he has created for his audience on the cocreationsmanager.com website. He explains what dreams are to the Maya Matrix from the perspective of Intentional Beings and the value of what our dreams are trying to tell us. He gives an in-depth description of the processes of sleep and dreams and gives us the tools in his dream journal to find the ‘gold’ within our dreams that our Soul is wanting to share in response to the questions that we ask in life. The Dream Journal is an excellent tool for moving through the energy of our dreams. Listen to the podcast and go to the cocreationsmanager.com to the Dream Journal. You may be surprised at what it reveals. 


Omar M. Makram is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix. This book speaks about transcending the illusions of reality, understanding that the only source of truth is within the self and how to use, what he calls: The Innate Guide to Co-Creation and Self-Realization.

Co-Creation Co-Creation is to befriend Life and work with It toward your highest goals.

Self-Realization is to know that you and Life are One, not two. Imagine the peace!



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I have always felt extremely comfortable and confident in analyzing my own dreams and those of others. My “go to” resource has always been I Had the Strangest Dream - The Dreamers Dictionary for the 21st Century by Kelly Sullivan Walden. It lists dream symbols in alphabetical order and gives modern interpretations of those symbols with guidelines to help you integrate those symbols into a meaningful understanding of the symbols of your dream. For me, for my students, it has always been spot on. 


I am fascinated by dreams as they are the keys to our understanding what our subconscious mind is trying to express to us. I was very excited to try Omar’s Dream Journal. What I found there completely blew me away. For many years I have been interpreting dreams. I knew what they meant, how they related to my life and what they were showing me. What Omar’s Dream Journal does however, is completely different. Interpretation as I was doing it is for the mind. Omar’s emphasis is on feeling, not thinking. What Omar is doing is for the Soul and for a physical release of an emotional blockage so that the Soul’s energy can be expressed as the blockages are removed. It is not Dream Interpretation. It is Dream Processing, where you actually heal the energy that is being blocked. That is a whole different thing. 


So when I went to the Dream Journal on cocreationsmanager.com, I was fascinated by Omar’s process. In this podcast, Omar gives an in-depth description of sleep and dreams from the perspective of the Intentional Being. He explains the actual process. He also explains how to use the Dream Journal so that you get the most out of your experience. He suggests that we see dreams as ‘gifts’ He recommends that we not take our dreams as facts but rather as a language of consciousness. His emphasis is on following the 7 Simple Steps as we move through our dreams in the platform he has created. 


The experience is truly remarkable, and I thought that it would be effective only a couple of times because of the repetition of using the same techniques, the same audio, but it has been amazingly effective each time that I have used it. It is comforting to hear Omar’s gentle voice after you have experienced a nightmare. You listen, you journal data (what the dream was about) and then write the feelings you were having as you were experiencing the dream. Omar guides you through the whole process. It was all helpful, and especially the journaling, the meditations and the part where you express physically by movement such as standing, crying, dancing, shaking. . . allowing whatever comes. I released blockages each time that I did this. . . blockages that I didn’t even know existed. The blockages were in my face and my chest. I would never have guessed that. 


Having released those blockages is freeing. It is like being an arrow in a bow that has been drawn and released, flying forward to makes its mark. Our Soul feels that same release when we take the time to acknowledge the negativity that arises seeking expression in our dreams. It flies! These creations of Omar’s are extraordinary and novel. I have done a lot of workshops, read a lot of self help books and like many in Omar’s audience, I have done a lot of inner work. I still refer to my dream interpretation book as a resource for understanding.  Nothing however, that I have done has ever compared to the Quantum Leaps that I have experienced through Omar’s creative work. It is unique, it is gentle, it is the future. But you don’t have to wait for the future. If you follow the 7 Simple Steps in listening to your Innate Guide the future can be yours . . . NOW.