101 Should You blame the creator or the creation?

n this podcast, Omar shares his feelings and the spiritual struggle that he experienced with the concept of God as the Source of Love after having had a strong reaction to the cruelty that he witnessed in a televised program about animals in the wild and how they survive. Why is it that suffering is included in the overall picture of a ‘loving’ creation? Omar’s questions lead him to a surprising answer. Hear the insights that Omar received from a famous yogi in response to his searching for these answers. Find the way to experiencing Oneness and Bliss.  


Omar M. Makram is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix. This book speaks about transcending the illusions of reality, understanding that the only source of truth is within the self and how to use, what he calls: The Innate Guide to Co-Creation and Self-Realization.

Co-Creation Co-Creation is to befriend Life and work with It toward your highest goals.

Self-Realization is to know that you and Life are One, not two. Imagine the peace!



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Omar starts this podcast with an apology for having included in his book Transcending the Maya Matrix, a quote by Osho, a spiritual leader and teacher. The quote he used was a wonderful quote. It is when he learned of the lifestyle that this particular guru lead, that Omar felt conflict and decided to remove the quote from the text in order to maintain the integrity of his own book. An odd way to start a podcast, but Omar has his reasons. As Omar faithfully follows the 7 Simple Steps, Awareness (Step 2) and Authentic Expression (Step 3) are both important aspects of being in integrity. His expression to us of being ‘ashamed’ exemplifies that. 


More importantly, perhaps, is that his expression leads us to an understanding of the difference between a ‘cult’  and a ‘community’. A cult involves an abuse of a power that has been allowed to overtake the pure thoughts of spirituality that are generated from a particular source. Those who join a cult give up their innate guidance in order to follow completely and without question the ideas of the leader. This is not what Omar is trying to create. He wants to create a Community of Intentionship where there is a space created to practice, to be intentional through the use of the 7 Simple Steps so that we can let go of masks, express authentically and grow. This is why he created cocreationsmanager.com. It is a space where Intentional Beings can go to practice Co-Creation and Self-Realization. 


Having expressed these concepts, Omar then shifts his focus to the actual purpose for this podcast which is to share a spiritual struggle and the deep despair that he experienced after having viewed a televised program which showed the violence that exists and is ‘necessary’ for survival in the wild. His heart was wide open after other spiritual experiences through which he had gone, and this openness led him to acutely feel the pain and fear of the baby animal involved. The suffering that he witnessed and deeply felt in connecting empathically with the victim of the violence, led him to question the concept of a ‘loving’ God. He struggled to find an answer to a question with which nobody else seemed terribly concerned at that time. 


Omar was finally led to the teachings of a famous guru who focused on Bliss. His students asked why there is so much suffering in the world to which he responded that there is so much bliss. Again his students pressed about the amount of suffering, to which he held that that there was so much bliss. Finally,the students asked him if he was denying the suffering, to which he asked if they were denying the bliss. 


As Abraham-Hicks suggests, we want to place our attention on what we want to create. Put our attention forward. Omar says “feel the good feeling”. Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss”. 

It is not that we look at the world of suffering, deny it and lose compassion for the suffering that takes place in the world. Rather, it is that we have a choice of the kind of world we want to create through our focused awareness. Where are you putting your awareness? Focus on pain and suffering, you will attract and create pain and suffering. Focus on bliss, you will attract and create a world of bliss. Humans trapped in the Maya Matrix are unaware, like moths, heading to the false ‘light’ of suffering. . . only to self-destruct. 


Choose not pain and suffering. Choose the world of bliss. Create a beautiful and wondrous world. 


It’s up to you; nobody else.


Follow your Joy. Be the butterfly. Choose the Light. Create a world of bliss.