099 Explaining The Seven Simple Steps - Our Innate Guide To Co-Creation &Self-Realization

099 Explaining The Seven Simple Steps - Our Innate Guide To Co-Creation &Self-Realization

In this podcast, Omar walks us through an energetic version of the 7 Simple Steps for understanding and clarification. Using the image of an ordinary garden hose as a channel between Soul and Reality as we know it, he shows us how we react as the flow of water (energy) increases or decreases. This understanding allows us to transfer the image to real life situations, enabling us to use the 7 Simple Steps more effectively and efficiently in our lives. 


Omar M. Makram is the author of Transcending the Maya Matrix. This book speaks about transcending the illusions of reality, understanding that the only source of truth is within the self and how to use, what he calls: The Innate Guide to Co-Creation and Self-Realization.

Co-Creation Co-Creation is to befriend Life and work with It toward your highest goals.

Self-Realization is to know that you and Life are One, not two. Imagine the peace!



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Early this morning before listening to this podcast, I was wrestling a garden hose trying to water flowers and grass before the hot sun scorched everything. So it was very a propos and ‘near and dear’ to my heart when I came in and settled down to listen to today’s podcast. 

Using the image of a garden hose, Omar takes us through the 7 Simple Steps to demonstrate how they are used. He uses the hose to represent us as a channel between Soul and Reality as we know it. The water represents the energy that flows through us. We can either resist or allow energy to flow - we can turn it up or turn it down. Only we can control the flow. However, sometimes, there is a blockage and we need to shake the hose up to get it to flow. 

When there is a blockage, the hose will shake and curl by itself as it is unable to function as it is meant to. Movement must happen in order for it to flow. The same is true of us. When we have a blockage, we are not able to manifest our heart’s desires. We too, require movement of some type such as  dancing, singing, sports, or walking in order to stay in the flow. 


Omar also explains that most people live in a state of emotional equilibrium where there is a ‘push-pull’ of things that we want and things that we don’t want. One can come to a state of allowing (Step 4) in 2 ways; either through ‘thought’ or ‘no thought’. Podcasts 65, 66 (a meditation) and 67 (a process like a meditation) teach you how to learn to allow (to express) through using the breath. When you learn to allow through your breath, there is no resistance so that you are simply following through with the flow. 

The image of the hose is one that is easily imaginable and easily remembered. It is a great example for demonstrating the the process of using the 7 Simple Steps. Once we have that image of the garden hose in our minds as an understanding and a blueprint, we can easily utilize the steps in real life situations. Transferring the 7 Simple Steps from an energetic form to real life can be done simply. . . One step at a time.