096 healing the inner child through hypnotherapy with Erin Vallarino

096 healing the inner child through hypnotherapy with Erin Vallarino

In this podcast, Omar interviews Erin Vallerino, a certified hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master who works with meditation and past life regression as techniques in the processes of completion and healing the inner child. She takes Omar through a process with a situation from his childhood to give us an understanding of how it works. Additionally, she gives us the steps to do a process for our own self-healing.  An interesting and very informative conversation between two teachers who are very much aligned in their approach to healing - through the Heart and Soul. 

Check out Erin's podcast is called The Path of the Lightworker. Click here

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This interview with Erin Vallerino, a Reiki Master and certified Hypnotherapist, is more like a dance than an interview as both she and Omar are very much on the same page in their approach to healing - through the heart and Soul. Erin has a podcast called The Path of the Lightworker and has had Omar as a guest. Their voices compliment each other and the conversation flows as they both speak authentically and from the heart. 


Erin gives a brief overview of her early life experiences of sexual abuse which, through Reiki and Hypnotherapy, she has been able to transform into a new story where negative experiences are seen as ‘blessings’ that help her to open a space to help others heal by sharing their painful stories. Her early career in real estate led her deeply into the Maya Matrix of ego-driven striving which eventually took a toll on her health. This forced her to take a ‘journey of discovery’ where she learned to drop ‘out of her head’ and ‘into her heart’. She describes the resulting shift as beautiful and simple as compared with the heaviness, the complexity, and confusion of the Matrix.


Reiki was the first step in healing for Erin. It allowed her to let go of extraneous energy that really wasn’t hers and gave her a clearer focus on issues that really did need addressing.  Hypnotherapy, her next step in healing, she describes as being a wonderful technique for analytical people. In Hypnotherapy, one taps into an underlying experience that generally occurred during childhood or in a past life. Erin sets the Intention that each session is used for healing rather than for general curiosity. At this point in the interview, Omar shares an issue from his childhood that he found disturbing, and Erin leads him through the process so that we can see how it works. One of the main precepts is the importance of allowing the feelings of grief and loss to come up and be expressed. 


As Erin explains, Hypnotherapy shows the actual experience that occurred, which reveals misperceptions about what actually transpired. Clients often see the person such as a parent, as an individual, a real human being who was simply trying to do their best. They then drop into a place of compassion and understanding that leads to healing. In some cases, the trauma that needs to be revisited is from a past life. Often this is the case when there is no evident reason for a particular fear or anxiety that a client may be experiencing. 


Erin suggests a creative visualization, an actual practice to try. You start by placing your hands upon your body when you are in a relaxed state. You then ask the body to show you any place within you that needs healing from whatever cause, whether it be emotional, physical or mental. Allow it to show you and visualize a golden thread from that place that takes you to a different place. Ask it how to heal it and listen. “Healing,” Erin says “is in the knowing.” 


There is much wisdom in the podcast shared by these two learned teachers. Both agree that there are 2 ways of healing: through pain or through joy. Both are powerful teachers. When we choose to follow pain, we start to look constantly for painful situations in our lives thereby promoting the idea that something is wrong with us. This, in turn, because of our focus,  creates the very painful experiences that we would rather avoid. Both Erin and Omar agree that it is better to stay in the vibration of joy, transcending those negative beliefs, thereby creating more joy. Only when you are stuck - that’s when you turn to look at pain. 


Erin emphasizes that we all are here with a unique and beautiful purpose. We need to open ourselves to that and tap into the uniqueness of who we are. It is in discovering unconditional love that we heal. It is in recognizing that every part of our story, no matter how negative or painful it may have been, is a blessing. Everything. . . every single thing . . . that we have experienced in our lives contributes to the gifts that we bring to the world.