088 Q&A About the Miracle Practice

In this episode, Omar opens a space to receive answers about the daily miracle practice.

Topics mentioned in this episode:
• Splitting the miracle practice into a few moments throughout the day.
• The challenges in creating habits.
• How to change habits.
• Omar also offers three ideas to creating habits.
• How Omar used this system in the past to quit smoking.


While I am working I love to listen to your Podcast. I really loved the Self Discipline message as I felt it was really helpful and timely because of my challenges with creating an authentic morning practice.

I am a mother of a 2-year-old and getting as much sleep as possible for me always feels needed but I do feel this inner pull to create a morning practice/sadhana I have the toughest time being consistent (well because the bed is warm, and my son is FINALLY sleeping) What advice would you give to parents who struggle with this process? Yes, I listened to your podcast and heard suggestions, but I feel like mothers/parents/caregivers struggle the most with caring for themselves...