065 Introduction to Breathing Through Emotions

I promised in my book, transcending the Maya matrix, to show you how you can utilize your breath in step three, authentic expression and also in step four, allowing. In podcast #66, I will show you how to use your breath to release emotional tension and to get yourself into a more fluid, allowing state. Podcast 67, is an exercise that helps us practice being in a state of allowing and being open to receive gifts of consciousness. 

If you have not read the book, the allowing state is the state where we receive gifts from our Soul. They could be in the form of insights, or a manifestation but we always receive from a state of allowing.

Because I like to separate instructions from exercises and meditations, this is podcast is the instructions to the next two podcast.

Breathing can transform any tension in your body, open blockages, it also can heal diseases. If you find yourself feeling angry at someone, overwhelmed, your mind racing, you can’t think or need some extra energy, I suggest that you remove yourself from that situation and find a safe place to express yourself without worrying about what other people think. Then play episode 66 Expressing emotional tension through the breath and see how you feel. Notice any changes in your feelings.


Once you feel that you are coming into an allowing state, you may play episode 67 Allowing through the breath. Do not make this a task to finish episode 66 so that you can get episode 67 done. This is not a race, being authentic to your feelings and to your Innate Guide is the only key.

In the next podcast, you can be sitting, laying or walking. I recommend starting while sitting. Then allow your body to guide you. This is not a deep meditation. Please be safe. Do not play this exercise or any other exercises or meditations while driving.